About Stylecraft


Stylecraft is a family owned and run business that has provided homes to families in Victoria for over 30 years. With an outstanding & lasting reputation with our clients, investors and builders alike – we pride ourselves on quality, workmanship and innovative design.

We specialize in domestic & commercial developments including houses, townhouses, terraces, multi unit sites, apartments.

At Stylecraft Builders we pride ourselves on the consultative approach taken with our clients during the building process.It is of paramount importance to us that we not only deliver a property to your specifications and timing, but we also surpass your hopes and expectations by creating a property that you are truly proud to call your home. Above all we are committed to providing stylish, modern, cost-effective building projects that are within the reach of all homebuyers.

We have such a good rapport with our clients, that any homeowner can be contacted for feedback! Yes, that's right – all clients of stylecraft builders have had such a good experience that they are willing to spread the word.


It is really our blessing to have met Mario, the owner of Stylecraft Builders. Since we came to Melbourne five years ago, our friends kept telling us proverbial horrible stories of building nightmares… Mario encouraged us to design and build our own house. He gave us the confidence and knowledge of our house throughout the whole process of building construction. We were even allowed to select our own fixtures and fittings.  And there were no surprises or unforeseen costs along the way.

This is the first time we built a house entirely. With his organizational skills, Mario led us through the selection process with finesse and efficiency. We were helped to pick up the continual list of materials: appliances, faucets, tiles, floorings, fixtures… etc. So skillfully, that they were chosen weeks and a month before they were installed. The Stylecraft crew is the honest, neat, committed, considerate, ethical and respectful. They were very complaisant with any changes we suggested and were easy to work with. We were informed on each stage of the building process constantly and we never missed out the chance to watch and learn from “body structure” to the completed house.

We have been in our new house for more than one and a half years, and it is the most exciting and rewarding experience for our whole family. Our house fits our needs and we are proud to live in one of the superior houses in the area. We would highly recommend Stylecraft Builders to everyone who plans to build a house. It was such a wonderful experience with a long-lasting friendship as a bonus. Thanks a bunch to Mario and the entire team!